Monday, July 5, 2010

Day One - Reading the Bible in 90 Days!

Hi Ladies! Welcome back to Bama Cooking! I have been gone awhile. I'm sure you know how it is, sometimes we get so sidetracked with life! Or is it the devil, leading us down a rabbit trail? I know that I have to put everything else aside, and focus on what is important! You all will recall that I attempted to read the Bible in 90 Days in January of this year. I did not finish the program. Well this time I invested in the Bible in 90 Days book, and I'm ready to be successful this time around. I began my reading today, and timed myself to see how long it will take so I can work my schedule around this important event. Today was 30 minutes, so I know I can manage that in my life for the next 90 days.

Recently my attempt at a daily journey in God's word has been a novel approach. I have made a big effort to saturate my daily life with small moments to meet with Him. I have a devotional and Bible next to my coffee maker, so blurry eyed I can check that days entry. I have another book that I read a chapter from while cooking dinner. I have Bibles in each room in my house, and in my car. Now, I'm going to make a big effort to direct all those little moments into something big! I have previously read the Bible in a year, but I need to make the effort to get into a dedicated Bible study daily. So here I am, starting a new journey.

We are suppose to share a little introduction about ourselves. I am Honey, and I have been married to Pappy for almost 28 years. We have three daughters who are all grown now. Twins who are 21, and another daughter, 20. Our house is feeling a little more empty these days! We also have a grandson who is almost two! It is a real wakeup call to see life through such young eyes again! My goal this year is to "find the joy" in every day life. Sometimes I let life distract me, and I need to be open to following the path God puts before me. Most days I am just praying I see the path! I hope you all will complete this journey with me. Good luck! Honey

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