Monday, July 26, 2010

Making Progress

Hi everyone!  Thanks for returning to Bama Cooking!  It is Monday again, time goes so fast you know!  I'm checking in to say that I made some progress this week in my B90 day Reading.  I'm still not caught up, but I know I can catch up if I keep working at it, bit by bit. 

This week was busy.  I'm sure you all can say the same thing.  We are still havesting from our garden, and being gifted with produce from friends as well.  We never turn anything down and are always happy to find a use.  Yesterday our neighbors gifted us with peppers, and I returned the favor with some eggs.  Saturday I had some children from church spend the night with us on the farm.  Our Grandson, Peyton was also here a good bit. 

I just heard a friend of ours lost their home last night in a fire.  It is believed the fire was caused by a lightening strike.  Please pray for the Willis family as they make plans to relocate, and replace what they lost.  Their house was a complete loss, but their family is safe.

Yesterday we took Peyton to a birthdy party for a police officer's daughter who turned one.  Peyton loved it and had a great time.  It is nice to see things through a child's eyes again.

I hope you all are successful at what you need to get done this week.  Pray for my that my progress continues!  Love, Honey

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Behind, But Still Chugging Along

Hi friends,  Welcome to Bama Cooking!  Time again for my weekly update on my Bible in 90 Days reading status.  Well, I'm still behind, but still chugging along!  I guess summer on a farm is a lot busier than I realized.  This week I canned pickles (whole and slices), pickled okra, and then I froze corn, tomatoes, grapes, blackberries, and okra.  The freezer things I'll do something with later when I'm not so busy.

Pray for me that I make progress this week.  Hope you have a blessed week.  Love, Honey

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 8 Bible in 90 Days

Hi Ladies (and Gentlemen!),

Welcome back to Bama Cooking!  I always like it when you stop by for a visit.  Each monday we have to check in and post our progress in our Bible in 90 Day journey.  I hate to say this, but I am about a half day behind!  I know I will be caught up before we post again. Friday night we were busy with family time, and the rest of the weekend got away from me.  Our garden is coming in here now and that means it is canning time.  That's what I did all weekend.  Carrots (30 pints), mushrooms (10 pints), Tomatoes (2 quarts), and corn (10 pints).  More to come I'm sure.  To those of you who are reading along with me,  Good luck in the coming week.  May the Lord be with you until we meet again.   Honey

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day One - Reading the Bible in 90 Days!

Hi Ladies! Welcome back to Bama Cooking! I have been gone awhile. I'm sure you know how it is, sometimes we get so sidetracked with life! Or is it the devil, leading us down a rabbit trail? I know that I have to put everything else aside, and focus on what is important! You all will recall that I attempted to read the Bible in 90 Days in January of this year. I did not finish the program. Well this time I invested in the Bible in 90 Days book, and I'm ready to be successful this time around. I began my reading today, and timed myself to see how long it will take so I can work my schedule around this important event. Today was 30 minutes, so I know I can manage that in my life for the next 90 days.

Recently my attempt at a daily journey in God's word has been a novel approach. I have made a big effort to saturate my daily life with small moments to meet with Him. I have a devotional and Bible next to my coffee maker, so blurry eyed I can check that days entry. I have another book that I read a chapter from while cooking dinner. I have Bibles in each room in my house, and in my car. Now, I'm going to make a big effort to direct all those little moments into something big! I have previously read the Bible in a year, but I need to make the effort to get into a dedicated Bible study daily. So here I am, starting a new journey.

We are suppose to share a little introduction about ourselves. I am Honey, and I have been married to Pappy for almost 28 years. We have three daughters who are all grown now. Twins who are 21, and another daughter, 20. Our house is feeling a little more empty these days! We also have a grandson who is almost two! It is a real wakeup call to see life through such young eyes again! My goal this year is to "find the joy" in every day life. Sometimes I let life distract me, and I need to be open to following the path God puts before me. Most days I am just praying I see the path! I hope you all will complete this journey with me. Good luck! Honey