Monday, September 20, 2010

Working the Plan! 12 Days to go! B90 Days Check in

Hi Everyone!  I'm Honey and This is Bama Cooking!  Today is Check in for Bible in 90 Days!  I believe it is day 78, which means we have 12 days left!  I made a plan a week ago, and right now I am a day ahead in my plan to catch up!  So I'm confident that I will finish on time.  I really want this to happen, and ask for your continued prayers, that I will find the time, identity the time, and use the time in my day to finish this program.  I have read the Bible in a year.  But it is very inportant to me that I finish this program.  I'm praying that I will be successfull, and all the others who are behind will be able to finish too.  Honey

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  1. That's so great to hear! I'll be praying that you find the time to get your readings done.