Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bama Tailgating - Day 2

Hey Everybody! Today at Bama Cooking we are going to make Dumas Walker Cheese Spread. At our house, we call this Uncle Donny's dip. This is part of our tailgating week before the big Alabama Texas Game Thursday night. My brother-in-law (the same brother-in-law from yesterday, owns the Dumas Walker Pepper Company in Texas. So this is a recipe from his collection, and one we make often.

To begin with, you will need:

Cheese Spread

1 Container of Cream Cheese
1/3 cup chopped Walker's Jalapeno Mexican Strawberries (in plain English, these are chopped jalapenos in a sweet syrup). You can add more to your taste.

I start by putting the cream cheese (room temperature) into a bowl.

Next, I place my peppers on a plate and chop.

I add the peppers to the cheese, and add a of the little syrup, if needed to blend.

I used fat free cream cheese today, but the regular mixes better and looks prettier. I will remember that next time! That is about it! You put on a plate and serve with crackers or chips.

You should be able to find a canned jalapeno product at your local grocery, or contact me to find out how to purchase Dumas Walker Mexican Strawberries.

I hope you all enjoy this dip at your next gathering. The guys love it, the hotter you make. And remember, Roll Tide! Until tomorrow - Honey

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